Production, advisory and technical services and maintenance of all types of electrical and electronic devices for all parties, in private and public institutions

After-sales service

  • The company has established many advanced maintenance centers to provide after-sales services for all the company’s products in different places and cities.

    Approving the warranty certificate for all products.
    Installation service for products, especially for large projects.
    Customer support (maintenance- training – consultant –etc).

Projects implemented for the benefit of public authorities

  • Supply and installation of a reporting system on encroachments on public property (for the benefit of the Public Property Authority).

  • Supply and installation of electronic archiving system (for the benefit of the Supreme Judicial Council / Case Management).

  •   Supply and installation of computer labs, University of Tripoli District B / College of Languages.

  • Supplying and installing computers and accessories for the municipality of Tripoli.

  • Supplying and installing computers and their accessories for the municipality of Misurata.

  • Supplying laptop computers for the National Youth Organization.

  • Supplying (CDMA) wireless telephone devices for the General Post and Telecommunications Company.

  • Design and implementation of the unified database system using Oracle for the benefit of the civil registry.

  • Supplying and installing computer labs for the Ministry of Education (the National Computer Project).

Parties with which we have cooperated

  • The Ministry of Defence through the Intelligence Department and the Supply and Production Authority.

  • The Ministry of Local Government represented by the Municipal Guard.

  • Ministry of Interior .

  • Ministry of Justice.

  • Ras Lanouf Oil and Gas Manufacturing Company.

  • Libyan Company for Handling, Ground Services and Aircraft Maintenance.

  • Oil companies.

  • College of Military Engineering.

  • Libyan Airlines.

  • Manmade River Project.

  • Marine wealth.

Parties with which we have cooperated in the field of training, maintenance and testing (communications)

  • Oil companies.

  • Libyan Airlines.

  • Man-made river system.

  • College of Military Engineering.

  • Marine wealth.