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Electronics General Company

Established in 11/6/1976 to cover all electronic products under global trademarks . The General Company for Electronic Devices and Equipment was merged with the company in 1980 under the EGC, with a capital of $ 9 million In 1996, the General Computer Company was merged too.



obtain a quality certificate (ISO)​


productive forces


company's capital



The company's management is working to bring about real change within the framework of its continuous quest to rise again. Its priority is to move forward in implementing the comprehensive transformation strategy that aims to improve the company's current conditions

Future plan

Partnership and investment

Our vision

G.B with global experiences in technology transfer and localization. Striving to create complementary small, medium and micro industries. Contribute to increasing income. Investing available resources. Diversity of sources of income.

Contracted with international companies

Renewable energy Border radar devices Future soldier CMBC .


Technical support

We are with you in providing assistance to customers and users if they encounter difficulties in operating and any hardware malfunctions, whether it is a phone, e-mail or websites..

Training Center

We provide effective and professional training with an enthusiastic and motivated team spirit, in flexible ways and educational solutions suitable for the era of development and information, that inspire the center’s pioneers.

Engineering consultant

We provide engineering services for several projects of various categories, forms and stages, starting with the stages of pre-retirement studies and implementation.

Supply and installation of electronic systems

The company has supplied, installed and designed many electronic systems for several public and private bodies in Libya.



The company has established many sales centers to sell all the company’s products in different places and cities.


- Electronic compound - Garyounis composite visual equipment -Garyounis compound for electronic industries -Electronic production factory -Audio equipment factory -Computer factory.


Technical Services Department: Maintenance Centers - Electronic Compound: Installation of wireless systems Training Office: Integrated training programs in all disciplines - computer programming and maintenance courses


The company can create partnerships with others in various forms, such as investment, participation or commercial representation of third-party products OEM products.