—Established in 11/6/1976 to cover all electronic products under global trademarks

—The General Company for Electronic Devices and Equipment was merged with the company in 1980 under the EGC, with a capital of $ 9 million

—In 1996, the General Computer Company was merged too

—The first Libyan company to obtain a quality certificate ((ISO9001))

—The expansion of the company was accompanied by an increase in its man power, and an increase in the company’s capital to become $72 million


A trademark for all the company’s products and due to the application of high quality standards in the manufacturing process, the brand has been associated with the quality of the products and the Libyan consumer has trusted it, which is still known until now

Our objectives

Expand and diversify the production base –
Provide employment opportunities –
Satisfy the growing demands of the market –
Contribute with other sectors to provide local inputs-

Our vision

The implementation of the projects for the benefit of Agheir-

Establishing companies with a renewed investment activity-

Commercial agencies-

Participation with foreign companies-

Partnership and investment

G.B with global experiences in technology transfer and localization

Striving to create complementary    small, medium and micro industries

Contribute to increasing income

Investing available resources

Diversity of sources of income